I Remember the Future

The Award-Nominated
Stories of Michael A. Burstein

The award-nominated stories in this collection will bring memories of the future flooding back. Two new stories and all-new afterwords enliven the past with a touch of the present and that which is yet to come. You don’t need a collection of antique spaceships or a carefully calibrated time machine to share the memories of the final Holocaust survivor. You don’t have to jump through the gate between universes in search of a lost friend. All you have to do is open your eyes. You’ll remember the future. The future remembers you.

Advance Praise for I Remember the Future

From the back cover:

“Michael A. Burstein is an Isaac Asimov for the new millennium: † fiercely intelligent and wonderfully good-hearted, with a clear, accessible writing style. †His stories are, by turns, clever, moving, and witty. †Few writers have such an impressive list of award nominations, and this most welcome collection proves that the science-fiction short story is alive and well. Bravo!”

Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids

“When you read all these final-ballot stories, you’ll know why Michael A. Burstein has a legion of enthusiastic fans. I Remember the Future is a remarkable collection, displaying all of his many strengths.”

Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author

More Praise for I Remember the Future

“Older fans will admire [Burstein’s] dedication to remembering and honoring the past.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Even if you’ve read all of these stories before, this collection offers you new insight... These stories are all heartfelt and entertaining and each one appeals to a different taste and preference. If you enjoy science fiction, pick it up. If you don’t normally go for sci-fi, hey, still pick this up. These stories are, at their core, about people and the world we all deal with. And who can’t find something to enjoy about that?

Alan Kistler, ComicMix.com

“[I]f you want to find Isaac Asimovís natural heir both in the art of short story writing [and] also in that connection between author and reader, look no further than Michael A. Burstein.”

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