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Praise for I Remember the Future

“Few writers have made such a splash with their first appearance in Analog, and even fewer have so successfully sustained their initial popularity for good reason, as you’ll see in these stories.”

Stanley Schmidt, Editor of Analog

“Michael A. Burstein is an Isaac Asimov for the new millennium:   fiercely intelligent and wonderfully good-hearted, with a clear, accessible writing style.  His stories are, by turns, clever, moving, and witty.  Few writers have such an impressive list of award nominations, and this most welcome collection proves that the science-fiction short story is alive and well. Bravo!”

Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids

“I still remember the thrill I got when I read my first short story written by one of the Great Masters of the Form: Phillip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg, Phillip José Farmer, Isaac Asimov. The first time I read Michael A. Burstein I knew another Great Master of the Form had been added to that prestigious list. Michael’s stories are quite wonderful, consistently perfect examples of the art. He sets up his own precise and scientifically accurate worlds and populates them with thoroughly believable and interesting characters. His stories are so good they change the way you view reality. If you’ve read him, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Buy this book, and get started today. You’re in for a real treat.  It’s like discovering a bright new star.”


Gary K. Wolf, Creator of Roger Rabbit

“When you read all these final-ballot stories, you’ll know why Michael A. Burstein has a legion of enthusiastic fans. I Remember the Future is a remarkable collection, displaying all of his many strengths.”

Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author

“Michael A. Burstein writes securely and powerfully within the great tradition of modern Campbellian science fiction; in fact no one of his generation may do so with his force and fire.  He has immersed himself within  our central literature, carried it forward in love, honor and signal accomplishment.  These stories are intrinsic and they will live. Burstein is paying forward and he is paying back.  His work assures me that through it,  our own will last.  Therefore this collection gives me hope; it is the first book of a career which will carry all of us across the river.”

Barry N. Malzberg, Locus Award-winning author of Breakfast In The Ruins

I Remember the Future is a true rarity in this day and age – a collection of clear, scientifically daring, emotionally deep and satisfying short stories by a master in the craft of writing science fiction.  This collection by Michael A. Burstein contains the stories I first turned to in the issues of Analog in which they first were published in the past two decades, plus two new gems.  They reminded me then, and again now, of the way I felt when I first discovered short science fiction in the Allerton Branch of the New York Public Library in the 1950s – a feeling that made me a lifelong fan.”,/p>

Paul Levinson, Locus Award-winning author of The Silk Code

“Older fans will admire [Burstein’s] dedication to remembering and honoring the past.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Even if you’ve read all of these stories before, this collection offers you new insight... These stories are all heartfelt and entertaining and each one appeals to a different taste and preference. If you enjoy science fiction, pick it up. If you don’t normally go for sci-fi, hey, still pick this up. These stories are, at their core, about people and the world we all deal with. And who can’t find something to enjoy about that?

Alan Kistler, ComicMix.com 

“[I]f you want to find Isaac Asimov’s natural heir both in the art of short story writing [and] also in that connection between author and reader, look no further than Michael A. Burstein.”

Highlander's Book Reviews

Praise for Michael A. Burstein’s stories
from the Tangent Online
short fiction review website

“Burstein makes good use of the possibilities of time travel to dramatize the clash between two equally valid desires, a dramatization that would not be possible without time travel. This is a moving, delicately told story.”

Chris Markwyn on “Time Ablaze”

“Burstein considers that very last Holocaust survivor, and his granddaughter, as the old man is dying. Who will remember? A serious issue, solidly handled...I was pleasantly surprised.”

Rich Horton on “Kaddish for the Last Survivor”

“‘Sanctuary’ is a complex and thoughtful piece, well-written and accessible.  Burstein’s noble protagonist struggles to answer some serious moral questions.”

Brit Marschalk and Douglas Hoffman on “Sanctuary”

“The story’s imaginative premise is complemented by clear prose and brisk pacing.”

Brit Marschalk and Douglas Hoffman on “TelePresence”

I Remember the Future
Coming from Apex Publications November 2008
$35.00 hardcover; $21.95 trade paperback
6" x 9"; 444 pages
HC: 978-0-9816390-5-5
TPB: 978-0-9816390-6-2