I Remember the Future

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“The future was glorious once. It was filled with sleek silver
spaceships, lunar colonies, and galactic empires. The horizon seemed within reach;
we could almost grasp the stars if we would but try.”
–from “I Remember the Future”

From the Winner of the John Campbell Award for Best New Writer

I Remember the Future:
The Award-Nominated Stories
of Michael A. Burstein

A familiar name to readers of the popular science fiction magazine Analog, Michael A. Burstein’s straightforward storytelling melds classic and modern science fiction in accessible stories that focus on human interactions in speculative situations. Brought together for the first time in one collection, thirteen of Burstein’s stories that made Hugo, Nebula, and other award ballots are presented with new afterwords by the author.

Perhaps some of his best-known works, “TeleAbsence” and “TelePresence,” are included, along with the parallel universe story cycle of “Broken Symmetry,” “Absent Friends,” “Reality Check,” and the new addition of “Empty Spaces.”

Tributes to science fiction greats become the stuff of story in “Cosmic Corkscrew,” “Paying It Forward,” and his new work, “I Remember the Future.” The classic cautionary tale takes on an ominous modern twist in “Seventy-Five Years.” “Kaddish for the Last Survivor” presents the inherent dangers when history shapes the future.

For those familiar with Burstein’s work, I Remember the Future offers a new look at some old friends, plus bonus stories to fill in the worlds previously created. Newcomers to the science fiction field will enjoy this collection as a taste of award-caliber science fiction over the last dozen years.

Publication date: November 1, 2008
444 pages; simultaneous hardcover ($35.00) and trade paperback ($21.95) release
HC: 978-0-9816390-5-5
TPB: 978-0-9816390-6-2

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